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"Search Your Soul" is Out Again!

Updated: May 29, 2022

Faster than I thought, "Search Your Soul" is back available on music streaming services, now with the correct ISRC code. (To know why I had to cancel it and release it again click here).

This song is a funky soul song that will make your body move as well as having a little breakthrough if you listen carefully to the lyrics.

The Original Title

The original title was "Just Check Yourself", referring to a self check we should do to see if we are on the right track towards what we want to achieve and our values in life. But for years there was something stopping me from releasing it, as I thought the title was a little rude and it wasn't expressing what I wanted.

Backstory of the song

To be honest, the first phrase "not everything you think is what you got to think" came to my mind after one of those thoughts that we should’ve had. Sometimes we lack wisdom because we are not focused on our ultimate goal. Saying that phrase, was a way to have self mastery, knowing that we control what we put our thoughts into. After that phrase, came to my mind a couple of more phrases that form part of our decision making process. When Adelynn joined me to co-write the song, more ideas came and we spent weeks figuring out the lyrics of the song. She also created the melody of the chorus which I find hilarious.

Working the song with my co-writer

In a conversation with my friend and co-writer Adelynn Delarosa Mejia, she mentioned the phrase "Search Your Soul" and immediately I thought about the song. I shared with her that it would be the perfect title for it and invited her to work with me on the song. Her input and collaboration elevated the song and its meaning and finally I feel proud of the message it portrays.

The Team

To produce this song was possible thanks to a group of professionals who recorded or gave me advice while writing and producing this song.

Music Production advice: Woody Mankowski, Blair Shotts, Karen Hammack, Marc Barrite aka Dave Aju, Mikal Reid, Alexx Daye, Katsuya Sezaki, Eric Corne, Cris Cordero, Ervin Toucet.

Musicians in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA:

Blair Shotts: drums and percussion

Drums and percussion recording engineer: Cristobal Cordero

David Keif: bass

Antoine Salem: guitar

Karen Hammack: keys

Musicians in Puerto Rico:

Zuleyka Martinez: Tenor and Bari Sax

Javier Girona: Trumpet

David Irurita: Trombone

Vocal Arrangement and performance consultants: Alexx Daye, Gisa Vatcky

As an alumni from Musicians Institute at Hollywood, California, I have access to career mentoring from industry experts. One on them is Allan Rich, an experienced songwriter that is one of the authors of "Run To You" by Whitney Houston. He has been an essential part of my development as a songwriting over the past two years. And as you imagined, I received his feedback for this song as well.

Having the amazing musicians recording this song, my wonderful co-writer Adelynn and the coaching of the great songwriter Allan Rich, made this song one of my best songs released to date.

Have Spotify?

If you had previously added it to your playlist or saved it on Spotify, please go and do it again. Here is the direct link to the song on Spotify.

Making Reels on Instagram?

Need a funky energetic song for a Reel? You can use it! It is also available as an audio you can use on Instagram.

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