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Ketsyha is a Puerto Rican born R&B/Soul/Funk/Gospel singer-songwriter and producer. Writing and singing music since 2005, her music is about uplifting messages of self-worth, hope, and love. 

From a very young age, Ketsyha developed her musical skills by playing the “cuatro” and guitar and was a member of the choir at her school.  Her music teacher and choir director in High School, Nestor Hernández, encouraged her to sing as a soloist when he noticed her vocal abilities.

Later, while she was studying Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico, she joined the Music Theatre Ensemble (Taller de Teatro Lírico), the Jazz Ensemble (Taller de Jazz), and a Puerto Rican folk music ensemble (Conjunto Criollo). During the last year of her studies, she recorded her first EP called “Libertad” as an independent artist along with student peers and professors, produced by herself and her mentor Sammy Morales. Ketsyha's growing interest in music led her to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico, winning the Music Composition Medal at her graduation. 

In 2019, she moved to LA to study at MI College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood and The Songwriting School of Los Angeles to polish her music production, songwriting, and performance skills, while producing the songs of her EP "You Love Me Like I Am," released in 2021.


She is currently working as a voice teacher, as well as producing her own music capturing the sounds of funk and soul that have influenced her music to this day, along with elements from Classics of R&B, Rock and Gospel Choirs. Also, she is doing a Master's Degree at Berklee College of Music in Interdisciplinary Studies combining courses on Music Business, Music Production, and Songwriting. 

Ketsyha has received great accolades as part of the Top 20 Prospects of 2021 and Hot 100 Unsigned Artists and Bands of 2020 by Music Connection Magazine. Her music video “Move On” won the category of Best Music Video at Beyond The Curve International Film Festival in Paris in 2022. As of January of the same year, her music video elevated her finalist in many other festivals in Europe. Ketsyha is ready to continue producing and releasing music to inspire people to be the best version of themselves with uplifting messages of love, hope, and self-worth.

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