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Kateri Forbes

Kateri Forbes, from Flint Michigan, has been creating art from the time she could pick up a crayon and paintbrush. She grew up with a passion for art and music, frequenting the Flint and Detroit music scene. Her work is influenced by Detroit’s many renowned poster artists, along with Fillmore posters and rock memorabilia. She started making flyers and posters for local bands. Since then, she has worked with legendary indie and major label musicians such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, Don Bolles, The Frogs and most recently Live House. Kateri started in the web and graphic design field over a decade ago. Around that time she also began teaching. Her business flourished by keeping up with trends and adapting and learning the quick changing technology over the years. She started big from the start building websites for major production agencies and directors. Her love for music and art history permeates her work ( When not working, she paints and does hand screen printing.

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