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R&B/Soul artist, singer-songwriter 




Ketsyha, a Puerto Rican-born singer-songwriter and producer, has been on an extraordinary musical journey since 2005. Her artistic essence is firmly rooted in R&B, Soul, Funk, and Gospel, with a distinctive focus on crafting music that spreads messages of self-worth, hope, and love.

In 2021, Ketsyha made waves with the release of her EP, "You Love Me Like I Am," a project that transcended geographical boundaries, recorded both in Los Angeles, California, and her beloved Puerto Rico. This EP was a testament to her unwavering commitment to creating music that radiates gratitude, hope, and the essence of healthy relationships.

Her remarkable talent didn't go unnoticed. Ketsyha earned her place among the industry's elite, securing spots in Music Connection Magazine's (LA) coveted Top 20 Prospects of 2021 and the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists and Bands of 2020. Notably, she was featured as the Artist of the Day on the Indie Music Woman Blog, gaining recognition on the Soul Jazz and Funk blog and The Urban Music Scene.


Ketsyha's artistic vision extends beyond music itself. Her music video, "Move On," captured the hearts of many and clinched the title of Best Music Video at the Beyond The Curve International Film Festival in Paris in 2022. It continued to thrive as a finalist in various European festivals.


In her latest musical endeavor, Ketsyha delves into the rich textures of funk and soul, drawing inspiration from timeless classics of R&B and the harmonious depth of Gospel Choirs.


"Inspired by '90s R&B and driven by heartfelt sincerity" - Music Connection Magazine

Ketsyha's musical tapestry is an authentic narrative of her life, resonating with listeners worldwide, inviting them into a world where every note is a thread that weaves stories of hope, love, and self-discovery.





Februrary 2024

Article about Ketsyha's release "Soulmates"

at the blog The Urban Music Scene:

January 2024:

"Everything is Gonne Be Alright" was played at the podcast Globofiesta Ep 15 by Joel Rivera

November 2023:

Article about Ketsyha's career by Puerto Rican journalist Jaime Torres Torres:

Articles about Ketsyha's release "Thank You 4 Ever (Acoustic Version)"

October 2023:

Article at the blog Soul & Jazz & Funk:


September 2023:

Article at the blog The Urban Music Scene:

Articles about Ketsyha's release "Jump into the Cold Water"

August 2022:

July 2022:

May 2022:

Ketsyha's song "Move On" charted #43 on Germany's iTunes R&B/Soul Charts

April 2022:

Articles about the release "Search Your Soul":


Soul&Jazz &Funk

The Urban Music Scene

March 2022:

Featured article about Move On Music Video

Film Review about Move On Music Video

Interview with music video director and singer Ketsyha

January 2022:

Move On Music Video won the Best Music Video category at the Beyond The Curve International Film Festival in Paris.


It was selected as finalist on the following Film Festivals:

Vesuvius International Film Fest - Euro Music Video Song Awards - International Sound Music Video Awards

December 2021:

Ketsyha was selected as the Top 20 Prospects of 2021 of Music Connection Magazine

Move On Music Video was selected as Finalist of the International Music Video Awards in London.

November 2021:

The Urban Music Scene

"R&B/Soul Artist Ketsyha Releases Official Music Video for 'Move On'"

March 2021: 

Soul & Jazz & Funk

"Her latest release is actually an EP which collects together those earlier singles alongside a new song – ‘You Love Me Like I Am’ for which the EP is named. The song is sweet and simple with a catchy Caribbean vibe – hardly surprising given the tune’s provenance. It’s out now." - Bill Buckley, Soul & Jazz & Funk

"NEW VOICES! R&B/Soul Artist Ketsyha to Release New EP “You Love Me Like I Am” on March 26th, 2021 | WATCH NEW VIDEO!" - The Urban Music Scene

"Inspired by ‘90s R&B and values Ketsyha’s music has heartfelt sincerity” -Music Connection Magazine

Feb 2021: "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright" and "Take It Slow" were added to Indie Music Women Sound Cloud and YouTube playlists.

Jan 2021: "Take It Slow" was added to Indie Music Women Spotify playlist. Also it got air play on the Mix Tape Radio International, UK.

Dec 2020: Ketsyha was included on the Music connection Magazine Hot 100 Unsigned Artists and Bands of 2020

November 2020: "Take It Slow" was added to Pandora Editorial Station "AMP: Fresh Cuts".

October 21, 2020: Ketsyha was the Featured Artist of the Day of Indie Music Women's blog


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Keys to My Heart - Ketsyha - (Official Lyrics Video)

Keys to My Heart - Ketsyha - (Official Lyrics Video)

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Thank You 4 Ever (Acoustic Version) - Official Music Video

Thank You 4 Ever (Acoustic Version) - Official Music Video

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Ketsyha - Jump into the Cold Water (Visualizer)

Ketsyha - Jump into the Cold Water (Visualizer)

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Ketsyha - Search Your Soul (Visualizer)

Ketsyha - Search Your Soul (Visualizer)

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