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Full Bio

Ketsyha is a singer/songwriter, born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her music is influenced by her Puerto Rican heritage and classic R&B/Soul singers, while also combining elements of Gospel, funk and jazz.


Her music predominantly contains instruments played by musicians consisting of drums, percussion, electric guitar, keyboards, bass, background vocals arrangements and electronic sound effects. Her songs are about uplifting messages of hope, self-worth, and love.

Her mother is a math teacher and an artist and has always supported her to this day. Her father was her main musical critique and influence. He was a former member of the Choir of the University of Puerto Rico, played the electric guitar and the “cuatro” and was constantly playing different kinds of music at their home from artists like Elton John to Ruben Blades to Danny Rivera. From a very young age, Ketsyha developed her musical skills at school by playing the “cuatro”, two types of recorder, guitar and was a member of the choir at her school.  Her music teacher and choir director in High School, Nestor Hernández, encouraged her to sing as a soloist when he noticed her vocal abilities.

Later, while she was studying Psychology at the University of Puerto Rico and doing a second major in Music, she was taking voice lessons and was part of the Music Theatre Ensemble, the Jazz Ensemble, and the “Conjunto Criollo” (a Puerto Rican folk music ensemble). During the last year of her studies, she recorded her first EP called “Libertad” as an independent artist with the participation of her student peers and professors. It contains 6 songs, three in English and three in Spanish with topics about life experiences and social issues. The EP is highly influenced by jazz elements and classic R&B, similar to the sounds of Joss Stone and Erykah Badu. 

An important part of her development was being part of the worship team at her home church Iglesia Cristiana Dios Siempre Presente, where she was singing and playing piano for around 5 years.


In 2017, Puerto Rico was devastatingly hit by Hurricane Maria which caused Ketsyha to have a moment of reflection about her life goals and purpose. She realized that she must pursue her goals of becoming an international recording artist and started to write her songs for her next production.


In 2019, she decided to move to Los Angeles to study at Musicians Institute and The Songwriting School of Los Angeles to develop her music production, songwriting and performance skills, while producing the songs to be released in 2020. The single Thank You 4 Ever, is dedicated to her fiancé. Through their long-term relationship, he has been one of her biggest supporters and has inspired her to pursue her dreams. The song combines electronic beats with live drums, a funky bass line, electric guitar, several keyboard sounds, and a scratching vinyl with her own vocals, reminiscent of Mid 90’s R&B.  This song combines her Hip Hop influences with R&B/Soul vocals and gospel harmonies.


Ketsyha recently moved from Los Angeles, California where she produced her songs to be released in 2020, to her hometown Puerto Rico and is working on her next productions in her home studio.

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